At 1 Stop Instruction, our pupil testimonials are 100% genuine and constantly updated.

Every student of 1 Stop provides rewards the training they have received with a video testimonial to prove to show their gratitude for the expert level of tution that has helped the large majority of pupils pass their test first time!

By providing video feedback, it is clear to see that all of our testimonials are 100% genuine, as you can actually witness the thousands of satisfied customers speak the words of praise from their very own mouths!

All testimonials are added to our Facebook page, which can be viewed below, ensuring that you can see and hear all the latest feedback, and when it was (not ficticious testimonials which have been on a website for years and years like many schools do)

1 Stop Instruction has its very own Youtube Channel

All our video testimonials are published to our very own YouTube Channel. You can also see clips of our training sessions in action.  We have a couple of video clips below to wet your appetite, but if you would like to see more, then please visit our channel to see hundreds of other clips.

100% Genuine Reviews

All our testimonials are 100% genuine, and backed by video feedback, so you can hear the words coming straight from our pupils mouths (just click any picture of a passed pupil and you'll see).

But furthermore, we also get written reviews from people on 3rd party websites such as the review centre. You can see from this website that we cannot influence these reviews in any way whatsoever, and you will also see that the reviews are posted recently, again evidencing our fantastic pass rate which we are proud to show off!

1 Stop Instruction are on Facebook

We are just as proud about your success as you are, and to prove it, we want to tell the world, and what better way than Facebook!

We invite all our students to add a like to our Facebook page, and in return, we will keep you up to date with all the important and relevent news in the biking world, from promotions and discounts, to changes in the law and forth coming bike events.

Why not scroll down the page and add a comment now?  We would love to hear what you've got to say!


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