Pizza Hut CBT Training School

We are proud to be an approved Pizza Hut Pizza Hut LogoCBT training school.  We specialise in doing CBT training for people who would like to get a job at Pizza Hut delivering pizza's.

If you want a job at Pizza Hut, then you need to book your CBT with us!

Approved CBT Training School for Pizza Hut

If you are looking to get a job working for pizza hut, then it is a very good idea to come to an approved Pizza Hut CBT school.  We have been selected by Pizza Hut to supply training to its employees to help them get a job delivering Pizza's.

Our cheap Pizza Hut CBT training is broken down into two days (commonly referred to as Day 1 & Day 2). 

When you pass both days of your Pizza Hut CBT test, we give you an official Pizza Hut certificate which all Pizza Hut managers will need to see before they can give you a job.

Pizza Hut CBT Day 1

Pizza Hut Day 1 CBT is virtually the same as any normal CBT test.  The difference with us is that we are probably the cheapest Pizza Hut CBT school in London.  At the end of the day once you have passed your CBT test you will be issued with a DL196 Certificate (also known as a CBT certificate), and will then also be given an approved Pizza Hut CBT rider appraisal form which can only be given out by Pizza Hut approved CBT schools.  You will be required to show the Pizza Hut CBT appraisal form to your manager if you would like them to arrange your Day 2 CBT training.

Pizza Hut CBT Day 2

Pizza Hut day 2 is a course exclusively for those who want to get a job working for Pizza Hut.  Day 2 can only be completed once you have completed your CBT (Day 1).  Day 2 consists of a minimum 4 hours training, which is graded according to an official Pizza Hut marking sheet.  Your instructor will asses your riding abilities across the topics prescribed by Pizza Hut and score you accordingly.  You must achieve an average score of satisfactory or above in order to pass your Pizza Hut Day 2 test.

Once you pass your Day 2 assessment, you will be given an official Pizza Hut Road Rider certificate which only training schools like us can issue.  You can then show this certificate to your Pizza Hut manager, and will be eligable to get a delivery job with Pizza Hut.

We are also proud to announce that you probably won't find a cheaper CBT Day 2 anywhere else in London, as we believe that we have the Cheapest CBT Day 2 in the whole of London at only £120.

Pizza Hut CBT Training Across London

All of our mototorcycle training sites are approved by Pizza Hut to deliver Day 1 and CBT Day 2 Pizza Hut training.

Currently we have 2 sites in London, 1 in East London (Ilford) which is located in Fairlop (Barkingside):

Our other Pizza Hut CBT training centre is located in North London at Tottenham (Edmonton):

Pizza Hut Managers Account

Our unique booking system allows all Pizza Hut managers the facility to view availability and book CBT courses (Day 1 & Day 2) for their employees.

Please contact our central booking office on 020 8597 7333 or 0800 848 8418 to enquire about setting up an account which allows you to book courses for your employees online without submitting any payment, as our offices will invoice Pizza Hut Uk Ltd direct.

This way of booking is sure to provide both you and your employees the quickest and easiest way of booking in the training required.

Pizza Hut CBT Price List

Now it's even easier than ever to book your Pizza Hut CBT with our online CBT booking system. You can view our availibility, book your CBT online, and then make a secure online payment for your CBT course.

How do I book my CBT?

There are 3 ways that you can book yourself onto a CBT course:

  • You can book online
  • You can book over the phone by calling 020 8597 7333 or 0800 848 8418
  • You can come into our offices to pay cash. (If you would ike to take this option, please contact our office on 020 8597 7333 or 0800 848 8418 before making your journey, so that we can ensure someone will be present to greet you).

Please note, to book your CBT you will first need to satisfy some basic requirements:

  • Have a full or provisional driving licence which is valid with the correct entitlements, and no bans, restrictions or disqualifications which will legally prevent you from attending your course.
  • You must bring your original UK provisional / full photocard driving licence. If your photocard licence has expired, then please bring an original, current and valid UK passport as well as your original expired photocard driving licence. If you have the old style paper driving licence, an original, current and valid UK passport is also required. If you have an EU licence, then you will need to bring your original EU photocard driving licence with supporting D91 form.
  • If you are attending Day 2 training, then you must have your original, current and valid CBT certificate (unless otherwise agreed with us)
  • You must be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 meters (the use of glasses is allowed)
  • Have read the Highway Code, and demonstrate a good knowledge of this and all other UK road traffic procedures at all times.

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