CBT Tottenham & CBT Enfield

Our North London motorcycle training site is based in Tottenham, and provides motorcycle lessons including CBT training in Tottenham & CBT training in Enfield.  This superb location makes us the ideal motorcycle training school in Enfield to pass your CBT test with.  As well as CBT training, we also provide A2 Restricted Licence training or Direct Access training in Tottenham (DAS) and also DAS training and A2 Restricted Access LIcence training in Enfield with unrivalled pass rates, for those people who would like to get their full motorcycle licence.

CBT Training Tottenham

CBT Training In Tottenham & EnfieldOur CBT training in Tottenham runs 7 days a week, and is probably the cheapest CBT in North London, with CBT prices being only £99 including bike hire and equipment.  Our CBT training site is located on Willoughby road, which is only a short walk from Northumberland Park Station. Many people who live in North London have passed their CBT test in Tottenham, and then have then gone on to pass their Direct Access training in Tottenham as well. 

The easiest way for you to book your CBT training course in Tottenham is to us our online booking facility or to call our central booking ffice on 0800 848 8418 or 020 8597 7333. Our CBT Test site is only a 4 minute drive, or a 20minute walk from White Hart Lane Station

Once you have successfully completed your CBT training course, you will then be allowed to ride any scooter/moped or motorcycle up to 125cc (50cc for 16 year olds).  You can choose to complete your CBT on an automatic motorcycle (scooter training) or on a manual motorbike. 

Most people who are just looking to buy a sccoter or moped, choose to do their CBT licence on an automatic bike, as scooters / mopeds are much easier to ride than manual motorcycles.  People are also often unaware that if you get your scooter licence or moped licence by passing your CBT test on a scooter (ie an automatic bike), you are actually still entitled to ride a manual motorcycle as well!  Therefore, we see a lot of beginners prefer to do a scooter test for their CBT, and then come back to learn how to ride a manual motorbike once they have more experience.  However, if your intention is to prgoress your learning and take your full motorcycle licence, we would encourage you to attempt your CBT on a manual bike, and if on the day you simply find it too much to cope with, we will then switch you across to a scooter, to enable you to still pass your CBT.

CBT Training Enfield

Training for CBT Enfield also runs from our North London training centre located in Tottenham.  Being very close to our Tottenham training site makes us ideally located to provide motorcycle lessons in Enfield, which not only includes CBT Enfield, and also Direct Access Training Enfield & A2 restricted licence training in Enfield. As part of your motorcycle training Enfield, you will ride around Enfield, and surrounding areas such as Cheshunt and Waltham Cross.  Riding around such roads means that our motorcycle lessons are also ideal for people who live in surrounding areas, including CBT in Cheshunt & CBT training in Waltham Abbey and CBT Training in Brimsdown. For people looking to pass their full motorcycle licence, our motorcycle training in Waltham Abbey, and riding around CBT Cheshunt, provides you with a huge advantage, as many of the roads we take you on during your motorcycle courses are the actual roads you will be taken down when you take your exam to aqcuire your full motorcycle licence.

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A2 Restricted Licence Training / Direct Access Training Enfield & DAS Training Tottenham

As previously mentioned, we also provide Direct Access training in Tottenham, and as Enfield is within such a close proximity, we are also able to offer Direct Access training in Enfield.

Our DAS Course's are generally 3 days and are aimed at people who have good experience riding 125cc, or those riders who have experience riding big bikes in other countries or "off road".  For riders who want to attend our 3 day Direct Access course in Enfield who do not have experience on manual bikes, we recommend that you take advantage of our 2 hour 1-2-1 training session, where our instructor will not only teach you how to ride a manula bike, but will also aim to get you riding a 500cc to standard high enough for you to attend our 3 day course in the same 2 hours.

Our A2 Restricted licence courses also work on the same principle of generally being run over 3 days.  Again, our A2 restricted licence training in Enfield runs from our Tottenham training site, and is aimed at people who can ride manual bikes (unless of course you would like to pass your A2 restricted motorcycle test on an automatic scooter).

For people in Cheshunt, Brimsdown & Waltham Abbey who are looking for any kind of motorcycle training, from CBT to Direct Access, our North London training centre is ideally located.

Booking your training with 1 Stop

At 1 Stop Instruction, we are extremely proud of our streamline booking system. We offer you 3 fanatstic ways of booking your CBT with us.

1. Using our Online booking system. Here you can check whcih dates we have available, and then proceed to make your entire booking online.
2. By telephone. Feel free to contact us on our free phone number 0800 848 8418 or standard landline 020 8597 7333
3. In person. Please feel free to come to our offices to make payment in person. (We would ask that if you wish to come into our offices to make your booking, that you please contact us beforehand to ensure that a member of staff will be present to greet you).

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