CBT Highbury & CBT Islington

We can provide CBT training in Highbury & CBT Islington 7 days a week from our North London CBT Training site only 15 minutes drive away through Seven Sister to our North London motorbike training site in nearby Tottenham.  We also have fantasic transport links from Highbury & Islington staion on the Victoria line.

CBT Training Highbury

Our North London training centre is conveniently located near Highbury, allowing us to service CBT training in Highbury and CBT in Seven Sisters.  Our Highbury CBT courses are from only £99 on weekday or only a little more if you prefer to do your CBT test Highbury on a weekend.Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is a 1 day course which is commonly refferd to as a CBT test or scooter test Islington & Highbury are very busy area's of North London, and for many people, CBT training is essential for them to be able to ride a scooter, moped or motorcycle to commute to work on.

CBT Training Islington

Our CBT Training in Islington is provided from our North London motorcycle training centre near Tottenham.  Whilst this is not in the heart of Islington itself, many people who live in Islington will realise that Tottenham is not a very long journey to receive motorcycle training to the highest standard 7 days a week with unrivalled pass rates.

Our North London Motorbike training site in Tottenham also allows us to provide people who live in area's surrounding Highbury and Islington CBT, such as CBT training in Arsenal and CBT training Holloway, at amazing prices!

Lots of people would like to do a scooter licence course, are actually seeking CBT Training (Compulsory Basic training).  Many people have got their scooter licence by passing their CBT in Islington with our motorcycle training school.

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Motorbike Training Islington

We also provide other kinds of motorcycle training in Islington and Arsenal, including Direct Access training courses Islington(DAS), and and motorcycle training Holloway.  Many people see our up-to-date testimonials and also want to add their name to the long list of people from Highbury who have passed their Direct Access Training course with us.

We also provide motorcycle lessons on a 1-2-1 basis for those people who would like additional training. This is particularly usefule for people who would like to learn how to ride a manual motorbike, or would like to increase their confidence riding on busy London roads. One of our most popular courses recently has been our 2 hour conversion course, where we teach people who have never ridden a geared motorcycle before, (or only have experience on 125cc manula bikes), and we then convert them onto a 500cc bike in 2 hours, so that they are then ready to go on and do one of our 3 day DAS training courses in London

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