CBT North London Training only £99 including bike hire, helmet & gloves.

We are extremely pleased to offer our CBT motorcycle Training in North London.  CBT is aimed at teaching people the complete basics of learning how to ride a motorcycle/scooter or moped.  Everyone who wants to ride a motorbike or scooter on the road must attend a CBT lesson.  It is not necessary to have taken any motorcycle lessons prior to attending a CBT course in North London.

What Is Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)?

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is for those people who want to ride a scooter / motorbike up to 125cc. Even for those people who want to progress onto the next stage and complete a Direct Access or A2 Restricted Licence, CBT is a must! The CBT test is a continual assessment which is spread over 5 elements:

  1. A. Introduction
  2. B. Practical on-site training
  3. C. Practical on-site riding
  4. D. Practical on-road training
  5. E. Practical on-road riding

Upon successful completion of your CBT course in North London, you will then be entitled to ride any moped, scooter or motorcycle up to 125cc. (Those 16 years of age will be restricted to 50cc until their 17th birthday).

Your CBT certificate is valid for only 2 years, and has some restrictions which will apply to most people:

If you do not pass your motorcycle theory test, and full practical test within 2 years, you will be required to complete another CBT if you wish to continue riding your scooter / moped / motorcycle.

  • You are not permitted to use motorways at any time
  • You must display 2 legally sized ‘L’ plates on your motorcycle / scooter at all times
  • You cannot carry pillion passengers

Some exceptions to the above restrictions may apply to certain people depending on the existing licence categories on your licence. For more information please seek further advise from the DVLA.

Should you require more information regarding CBT, please visit the DSA website.

CBT North London

Our North London CBT training centre is based in Tottenham, and is only 15 minutes away from Enfield motorcycle test centre (MPTC). As part of your CBT training, you will riding around Tottenham, Edmonton, Southgate & Enfield, where you may even get the opportunity to see people taking their actual full motorbike test at Enfield MPTC.

This superb location and cheap CBT in North London makes us the ideal motorcycle training school in North London to show you how to pass your CBT test first time, and show you what steps are involved for you to get your full motorbike licence.

Being based in North London, we can offer cheap CBT training in North London and motorcycle courses including CBT Tottenham, CBT Islington, CBT Highbury, CBT Enfield & CBT Edmonton. Our superb DVSA approved CBT school has fantastic transport links from all over London, offering you the opportunity to pass your CBT test /assessment whether you live in Kings cross, Finchley or Farringdon.

CBT East London

We also offer CBT training in East London, as well as all other motorbike courses including Direct Access (DAS), A2 Restricted Licence, and advanced riding course (ERS).

Again, we run CBT training in East London 7 days a week, and our weekday CBT prices are only £99 including bike hire, helmet and gloves. This site is recommended for people who live in the East London area, but may also be of interest to people from other local areas such as CBT Startford, CBT hackney, CBT Dalston, CBT Shoreditch, as our East London CBT training site is located in Ilford, and is only a 10 minute walk from Fairlop station (Central Line), making this too a very easy location for many people to reach.

CBT Test

Many people will refer to Compulsory Basic Training as a "CBT Test." This is incorrect, as the CBT is not an actual test, but a continual assessment of your ability to ride a motorcyles safely on the UK public roads as a provional learner.  The assessment will consist of your instructor showing and explaining to you how to control the motorbike/scooter in a controlled environment.  You will then need to evidence that you have learned and understood what your instructor has explained to you.  You must continue to evidence your understanding, throughout the day to allow the instructor to progress you through the 5 elements of CBT.  Although it is not a CBT test, if you cannot evidence understanding or control, and are continually making errors, then a CBT certificate will not be issued, and your course may have to be terminated in the interests of health and safety.

Scooter Test / Scooter Lessons

Lot's of people would like to be able to ride a sccoter around London.  Scooters are the ideal mode of transport to beat the traffic, save money on fuel, and are much more reliable than any form of public transport.  Again, people often ask about doing a "scooter test." What many people are actually refering to when they say they want to

Moped CBT Test / Moped Lessons

People who obtained their Full UK driving licence before February 2001 will also have been granted a full moped licence at the same time.  This means that those people can ride any Moped up to 50cc, without 'L' plates, and carry a pillion passenger.

Drivers who passed obtained their full UK driving licence after February 2001 also have full Moped entitlement, however, before they can use their Moped licence, they must first complete a CBT test / assessment. Once the CBT has been completed, the Moped entitlement on the licence becomes vaild until your 70th birthday, and you can then ride any Moped up to 50cc without 'L' plates, and carry a pillion passenger (please make sure you keep your CBT certificate safe to evidence you have completed the course)

CBT Price List

Now it's even easier than ever to book your CBT with our online CBT booking system. You can view our availibility, book your CBT online, and then make a secure online payment for your CBT course.

How do I book my CBT?

There are 3 ways that you can book yourself onto a CBT course:

  • You can book online
  • You can book over the phone by calling 020 8597 7333 or 0800 848 8418
  • You can come into our offices to pay cash.  (If you would ike to take this option, please contact our office on 020 8597 7333 or 0800 848 8418 before making your journey, so that we can ensure someone will be present to greet you).

Please note, to book your CBT you will first need to satisfy some basic requirements:

  • Have a full or provisional driving licence which is valid with the correct entitlements, and no bans, restrictions or disqualifications which will legally prevent you from attending your course.
  • You must bring your original UK provisional / full photocard driving licence. If your photocard licence has expired, then please bring an original, current and valid UK passport as well as your original expired photocard driving licence. If you have the old style paper driving licence, an original, current and valid UK passport is also required. If you have an EU licence, then you will need to bring your original EU photocard driving licence with supporting D91 form.
  • You must be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 meters (the use of glasses is allowed)
  • Have read the Highway Code, and demonstrate a good knowledge of this and all other UK road traffic procedures at all times.

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